A Renowned Speaker

Dr. Ben is a passionate, engaging speaker with proven knowledge and expertise in treating cancer patients from a holistic, alternative perspective.  As a physician practicing concierge cancer care, Dr. Ben brings new insights and treatment protocols that are helping patients win the fight of their lives.

Seasoned & Engaging

Dr. Ben is a seasoned speaker, having delivered vibrant talks to hundreds of audiences throughout his long and illustrious career.  He knows how to engage his audiences, making them feel comfortable, enlightened, and excited.


In addition to the variety of topics upon which he typically speaks, Dr. Ben can also customize talks to fit the specific needs of the audience.  His deep training and background as a physician and speaker ensure that any speaking event in which he participates will be professional, relevant, and engaging.

Widely Followed

Dr. Ben has a diverse and passionate following, including thousands of people from all walks of life who follow him on social media.  When appropriate for speaking events, Dr. Ben engages with his following to give a positive social boost to conferences.

Book Dr. Ben to Speak

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