Revolutionary Medical Protocols

As one of the world’s leading authorities in alternative medical treatments, Dr. Ben combines the best holistic and integrative medical protocols to not only increase survival rates, but also quality of life. In his practice, Dr. Ben focuses on two specific areas of medicine: Cancer and Alzheimer’s


Typical oncologists use statistics and historical data to match cancer patients to treatment plans.  Dr. Ben, however, takes a different approach.  He believes that because every patient and each cancer is different, treatments must be based on unique blueprints.


To this end, Dr. Ben first does extensive testing that allows him to create an individualized treatment plan. This testing may include thermography, full body scans, and blood testing  (from which circulating tumor cells are cultured). The information Dr. Ben receives from these tests allows him to develop a treatment unique to each patient’s needs.


Because Dr. Ben believes eating the right types of food is critical to healing, his cancer protocol also uses nutrition as part of his integrative therapy.  Additionally, eliminating toxins from the body is also an important part of Dr. Ben’s protocol, as is supplemental therapy.

Dr. Ben’s cancer protocol includes a number of different therapies, including:

·      Nutrition therapy

·      Toxin elimination therapy

·      Supplemental therapy

·      Unsuppressing the immune system

·      Stimulating the immune system back into action

·      Getting Macrophage white cells to recognize and attack cancer cells

·      Creating a toxic environment inside of cancer cells

·      Cutting off the energy supply of cancer cells

·      Killing cancer cells directly with cytotoxic agents


Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease.  Not only does it destroy memory and cognitive skills, it destroys lives and families.  Ultimately, it results in death.  And the statistics are startling:  one in three seniors die from Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia.  That’s one-third of our older adult population!


And yet, experts agree that memory loss is NOT a normal part of aging.  Where’s the disconnect? Because other than drug therapy, there isn’t much that traditional medicine seems to be able to offer to stop the decline of the Alzheimer’s patient.


However, as someone who is passionate about brain health, Dr. Ben has developed a protocol that can stem the tide of Alzheimer’s and reverse memory loss.


This protocol includes:


·      Removing beta-amyloid plaque from the brain

·      Breaking down TAU from the brain

·      Regenerating nerve fibers and their interconnections with each other

·      Stabilize blood sugar to slow the rate of Alzheimer’s progression


Dr. Ben’s protocol brings new life to Alzheimer’s patients…and hope for the future.